How to Properly Organize Your School Binder: Tips and Tricks

The binder is one of the most important things that you can have for school. It’s where you keep all of you important documents and paperwork that is needed to study for tests. If the notebook isn’t organized so that you can easily locate what you need as it relates to a chapter or subject, then it can make it hard to succeed in classes.

Begin by using one notebook for each subject. It could be a three-ring binder or a spiral notebook that is used for taking notes in class. The binder will usually have pockets that can help keep tests and other papers that are graded in one place. Try to come up with a design for the front of each book that goes along with the subject, such as chemicals for science or a calculator for math. This will make it easy to reach into your bookbag and get the right notebook for the class without spending a lot of time.

When the class begins each semester or quarter, make a table of contents of what will be covered. Add numbers to the bottom of each page for easy reference. Highlight topics that you know you will need to study for exams. Color coding is an easy way to organize a notebook. When you look at a page of notes that is all in one color, the information can sometimes blend together. Consider using colored pieces of paper or writing your notes in ink of different colors. You can have sections for statistics, important facts, quotes and other information based on the class that you’re taking.

Some notebooks will have large areas of information that seems to be repetitive. Shorten what you have written by making basic notes instead of long sentences. Leave a page between each subject matter in the notebook so that there is a division when you need to look for a certain topic. If you’re really looking for a way to organize, then consider using a folder for each class, keeping all of the folders in one large binder. Remove all of the documents when you get home, putting them in a file cabinet in sections of each subject. This will help cut down on the size of the binder and limit the amount of information you have at one time. Make a list on the front of the binder with the subjects that are inside.