How to Have an Effective Couples Therapy Session

Even though relationships are beautiful and can prove to be very rewarding, they are no walk in the park. To build and maintain an incredible relationship, two people must be committed to working together through difficult times. A couple must make the decision that they will work through anything. Truthfully, every relationship will go through a testing period. Some relationships go through more than others. Through it all, it’s important to stay committed and be open. One of the best ways to commit to the process is through engaging in effective couples’ therapy sessions. In order for the sessions to be effective, consider these ideas before stepping into the session.

1. Put Walls Down.
One of the biggest barriers for many relationships involves the walls men and women put up around their heart. In relationships, there is a risk. There’s always a risk that your heart will get broken. There’s a risk that your partner will betray you. Through it all, there needs to be a commitment to get the walls out of the picture. Once the walls are down, a couple can experience deep intimacy and emotional freedom.

2. Be Transparent.
Transparency is the deepest and most intimate way to experience another person. Oftentimes, we don’t want to be transparent due to the risk involved. When it comes to a relationship partner, it’s important to allow them to see the truest emotion and the real feelings you experience that may hurt. Don’t worry about how it will look to the other person. Just focus on bringing the truest form of who you are to the table.

3. Fight Fair.
Emotions will run high if there are conflicts. In relationships, there are always conflicts. The best way to tackle conflict is to confront it, but fight fair. Resist the urge to throw a particular flaw or weakness in your partner’s face. Remember that you two are a couple and you’re on the same team. When you hurt your partner, you’re also hurting yourself. A natural and healthy part of any relationship includes dealing with conflict. Conflicts will come up all the time. How you deal with them makes all the difference.

4. Encourage Consistently.
When you’re entering a therapy session as a couple, there’s a level of vulnerability both partners need to have. While this is very difficult and humbling, it makes it a lot easier when a person decides to encourage and loving root for the person. When a partner knows they are loved and can feel the love in the room, they are more likely to find themselves experiencing deeper levels of freedom and closeness. Don’t be afraid to cheer for your partner and remind them that they are loved. It may feel corny in the moment, but it can help emotions shift in a very positive way.