How to choose the best marijuana strains for you

There is a wide range of dispensaries in the United States where you can find the most popular and newest strains. While you can be tempted to seek the designer strain or recommendations from a bartender, it is recommended to be guided by the marijuana strain that suits your basic needs. For you to get started, you should look at the strains as though they are on a spectrum. On one side, there are the indicia strains that are good for soporific and relaxing. On the other hand, there are sativa that increase your alertness and energy. You can decide on the strain that fits your desired preferences. You can also strike a balance between the two.

However, it is not as simple as it looks. Because marijuana has more than 80 cannabinoids that destroy the brain cells and functions, there are different results from various strains. For you to have the best experience in marijuana, you must understand how these strains impact your life.

Strains for Energy
Sativa strains, generally speaking, have the highest levels of THC. The THC is the primary active component that comes with marijuana. They tend to promote creative thinking as well as energy. For social gatherings or parties, the sativa strains are common to invoke proper conversations. However, it is good to know that high sativa doses promote paranoia and anxiety in some individuals. The common sativa strains for energy include diesel-fuel flavor, the Sour Diesel, Golden Coat, and the Lemon Skunk.

Best Marijuana Strains for Sleep
Many factors contribute to sleep-inducing, soporific effects of marijuana. One of them is the dominance induced by Indica in the strain. A sleepy sensation is experienced by strains that have more Indica in their content than those that have less. The presence of cannabinoids is another thing to consider when looking for sleep strains in marijuana. If you have a strain that needs to be turned into a sleep strain, you can dry it in the sun. When they dry, they lead to the formation of cannabis that is good for sleep.

Marijuana Stains for Pain Management
Many marijuana components lead to analgesic effects. THC is one of the best examples of this. For cancer patients, they lead to pain reduction. This is because they are good at blinding the pain receptors in the human body. While some people prefer the cannabinoid strains alone, they are used to avoid high analgesic effects.

Best Strains for Anxiety
Researchers confirm that low THC doses allow anxiety levels through blinding the amygdala receptors. Trauma or chronic stress reduces natural production of endocannabinoids that contributes to prolonged anxiety feelings. THC stimulates CB1 receptors and reduces the levels of anxiety. However, it has a positive effect on anxiety when taken in high doses.