How to Boost Your Profit When Selling Your Child’s Old Clothes

If you are like most people, you strive to make the most out of your money. This includes making the most out of those items you purchase with your hard earned money.

If you have children, one way in which you can stretch the budget is by reselling clothing you purchased for them. The reality is that the lifespan for children’s clothing is not necessarily very long.

Needless to say, you want to make the most profit when you put your children’s clothing up for sale. There are some specific tactics you can employ to boost profits when selling children’s clothing.

Clean and in Good Condition

Although this may seem like good, old fashioned commonsense, many parents fail to realize how important it is to have your children’s clothing in tip-top condition before putting it up for sale. You simply cannot effectively cut corners in this regard.

Sell Children’s Clothing Items in Sets or Lots

When people purchase something that is previously owned, they definitely want to feel like they are getting a deal. What they sacrifice in newness they truly want to make up for in the price being paid.

Of course, you want to make an appropriate profit. One tactic you can employ is to sell clothing items previously used by your children in sets or lots. For example, if you have a number of shirts worn by one of your children, separate them out into groups of between three to five items. Once this is done, sell them in the sets or lots you have created. A purchaser will perceive that he or she is getting the best bang for his buck. And, you will be able to price appropriately to ensure a proper return to you.

Sell Through Websites that Specialize in Children’s Apparel and Gear

According to the New York Times, you enhance your odds of a better return on children’s clothing if you sell through a recognized, specialized website. Sell through a website with an established reputation for selling used children’s clothing and similar types of items.

CNN reports that there are national franchises in business today that specialize in this type of transaction.

A Sale Among Friends

If you are a parent with children, odds are strong that you have connections with other parents of kids of a similar age. Another way you can maximize profits in the sale of children’s clothing is to have a group event. What this means is that you can maximize your return by schedule a sale in conjunction with other similarly situated parents with children’s clothing they would like to sell.