Hemp Oil vs Cannabis Oil : What Is The Difference

Hemp and cannabis oils have different effects and side effects; however, they do not come from very different plants. Hemp and cannabis both come from cannabis sativa, but they come from different breeds of the plant. Cannabis plants have about 400 different cannabinoids, but THC and CBD are the most popular and they can be very beneficial. When the oils are extracted from the plant, the person can make many kinds of oil, but the two oils most smokers or sellers want is hemp oil or cannabis oil. You can smoke the oil or you can bake the oil into various foods. Knowing the difference between hemp and cannabis oil is very important when making the decision on which one you should buy.

Hemp oil is made by pressing hemp seeds and fresh, unrefined hemp oil is darker than the oil that has added or removed substances. Refined hemp oil is clear and doesn’t really have a taste. It is used in shampoos, soaps, and detergents. Hemp oil has a lower amount of THC and a higher amount of CBD, making it have a high nutritional value and also making it good for treating patients without getting them stoned. If you are looking to use this oil for recreational uses, it is not recommended because you’re not going to get a very good high off of it.

Cannabis can make marijuana, resin, and cannabis oil (also known as dabs, hash oil, or wax), which is the strongest and most potent product that comes from cannabis because it is the most concentrated substance that is in the plant. The oil has about 5-10% of THC (the main substance that gets you high) and a lesser amount of CBD, meaning that you’re going to feel really stoned but really healthy. It can be orally ingested, smoked, and you can mix it with skin treatments or various foods. The oil has been used to treat cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, and has been used by alcoholics and people suffering from anorexia. Even though cannabis oil is used for medical reasons, a lot of people buy it simply to mix it with foods or marijuana to get baked.

Choosing which type of oil to get can be really easy if you do your research. It all depends on what you’re buying it for. If you’re wanting it to use for your skin or for nutrients, hemp oil is best for you. If you’re wanting to treat a physical or mental illness or just looking for a good high, cannabis oil is the way to go.