8 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Luxury Jewelry

Buying high quality luxury jewelry can be a thrilling experience. And if you’re a jewelry enthusiast, you naturally want to find the absolute best piece for yourself.

In order to ensure that you’re making the right decision on a piece, here are eight questions that you should ask.

1. How much does it cost and what is it worth?

If you’re getting serious about shopping for luxury jewelry, you need to make sure that you know your costs so that you don’t get swindled. Shop around and check prices with other jewelers or online.

2. When did this piece of jewelry come out?

Test the authenticity of the piece and the abilities of your jeweler by inquiring about the release date of the piece that you’re looking at.

3. What alternatives to this piece are there?

If you’re looking for a watch and have your eye on one in particular, make sure that this is the one that you truly want by comparing it to a few other similar pieces.

4. How do I maintain and clean this piece?

Some jewelry pieces are more difficult to clean than others, and it’s important to make sure that maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your piece isn’t rocket science.

5. How strong is the metal and the connections, and how strong are the settings?

Again, you don’t want your piece to suddenly break, crack or lose jewels, so check out the integrity of the links and metal pieces as well as the jewels and settings.

6. How is the fit supposed to feel? Is this piece comfortable?

When you wear the jewelry piece, is it comfortable? Are there sharp pieces that cut into your skin? If it’s a ring, is it too tight or too loose? Make sure that the piece fits on your body in the appropriate way.

7. Will this piece be for daily wear or only for special occasions?

You’ll want to make sure that this is the piece that you want. If you need a watch for daily wear, but the one that you find is more suitable for nights out on the town, you may want to reconsider your purchase and get what you’re looking for.

8. What are the return policies or warranties on this product?

Sometimes, a piece that you think you want in the store turns out to be something that you just don’t wear or that you don’t really need, and in this case, you should be able to return the piece if it’s still in tiptop shape.

As a final note, make sure that you know what you are buying. Diamonds and fine stones should have certificates to verify their high quality and authenticity.