8 Advantages of Renting a Portable Storage Unit

Under the very best of circumstances, moving can be a trying, stressful time. There are, however, a number of things you can do to make your move as stress-free as possible and using a portable storage unit is one of them. Here are 8 advantages of renting a portable storage unit.

1. Delivered right to your door

A portable storage unit can be delivered right to your door and placed right in your front driveway, so all you have to do is carry your things out the front door and down your sidewalk.

2. No lifting heavy items

While large trucks may have a hydraulic lift to help you get large heavy furniture up off the ground and onto the truck, most rely on steep ramps to get your things from the ground up into the truck. Storage containers are placed right on the ground so you only have to lift heavy items a few inches or roll them up a very small incline to get them into the storage container.

3. Delivered across town or across the country

With portable storage units, you can pack all of your belongings, jump on a plane and fly to your new home instead of having to drive across the country. For trips across town, you don’t have to navigate a big truck through heavy traffic or try and maneuver it through narrow streets, especially if you’re moving in a busy city like Chicago.

4. If your new home is not ready, your unit can be stored until it is

Sometimes, you may have to be out of one place before another is ready. Generally, this means having to move all your things to a storage unit until your new place is ready and then having to move everything again. With a portable storage unit, you can pack all your things once and just have the entire unit stored until you are ready for it.

5. More time to pack and unpack for the same cost

A storage unit costs much less than a moving truck so a storage unit can sit in your driveway longer without costing the storage company as much as a moving truck rental company. Generally they pass these savings on to you, giving you much more time to pack and unpack for the same price.

6. Less stress

Having more time to pack and unpack cuts down considerably on the amount of stress moving can cause.

7. Your belongings are safer

If you have to stop at any time during a move, you have to leave everything you own in a fairly insecure moving vehicle. A portable storage unit provides a great deal more security than a moving truck.

8. You are safer

While driving a moving truck doesn’t require a commercial driver’s license, it is a commercially sized vehicle that you may not be used to driving. Letting a professional driver pick up, drive and drop off your belongings is safer all around.