7 Essential Nautical Items Every Beach Home Should Have

Many people enjoy the kitschy look of an overdone beach or nautical theme, but the trend these days is toward a more simple aesthetic. The modern nautical décor relies on authenticity and minimalism rather dated, uninspired imitations. Check out my list of the essential nautical items every beach home should have below:


One of the most versatile items you can incorporate into your design is rope. Can you imagine including some of these rope elements into every room in your home? Rope is also a great item that you can use to craft your own details inexpensively.


When I think of nautical I automatically think of bold navy blue and white stripes. If bold is your look, strong blue and white stripes make sense. If you are going for a more subtle look, think about incorporating stripes in smaller areas or in washed out tones.

Blue Tones

Some nautical décor (especially east coast nautical) includes bright red. I would recommend that you stick with the blue to blue-green color palette as your main focal point. There are so many shades that you can work with and they all compliment both the beach style and the natural nautical style beautifully.

Marine Art and Maps

There are thousands of artists and styles of marine art on the market. Avoid pieces that seem cartoonish or whimsical. For bargain hunters, take a peak at online shops and see if they have any nautical maps or charts like these that would work in your space.

White Slipcovers and Linens

The perfect beach house element that also fits your nautical theme is crisp, clean white slipcovers. You can add your own touch of color and texture with pillows and throw blankets. Carry that white linen theme to the bedrooms by pairing white linens with a pop of color or with a nautical theme.

Wood Elements

Wood is another highly versatile material that can be used on a large or small scale. You might even be able to score some materials from your own beach area, making this design element something that fits and makes sense. If you need a little inspiration, take a look at these different ways to use natural or reclaimed wood elements.

Nautical Lighting

Marine inspired lighting is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are designs in various metals and styles that will enhance any space. Imagine decorating each room with one of these beautiful light fixtures. There are many resources online that sell salvaged ship lights if you prefer a more rustic piece.