6 Common Myths About Psychics Debunked

In this age of moral skepticism and deep spiritual curiosity, there are many who have used specialists in supernatural phenomenon to try to solve life’s many deep problems. Sadly, psychics are not immune to the natural human faults of greed, pride, ignorance, and selfishness. Here are some common myths to know before considering using a psychic service:

Myth 1
A psychic can help me reach my full potential as an individual

Psychics are individuals like you. Though trained in spiritual phenomenon, they too are limited by the effects of time, uncertainty, and desire for your money. The spiritual beings that psychics contact to gather information for you are likewise limited. Do not expect them to answer all your questions. Remember that many spiritual beings are malicious and deceptive, and love to wreck havoc on lower order creatures.

Myth 2
The spirit guides of the psychic will help me solve my problems

Imagine, if you will, a high ranking mutant in your favorite comic book series. He secretly controls an entire city using his electrical superpowers. A little mad scientist figures out the secret code that summons the mutant to his lab, and the mutant (full of himself) runs to intimidate the little scientist. The scientist, shocked by the existence of creatures smarter than himself, promptly becomes the mutant’s slave and helps him steal from other humans. This story is sadly true of many psychics. Make sure that the psychic is aware his spirit guide is an imperfect individual like himself, and will act selfishly like himself.

Myth 3
Psychics are the best solution to spiritual problems

Spiritual problems, like practical problems, usually have a straightforward solution. “I am struggling with extreme guilt for cheating on my spouse.” Why not just chat honestly with her? Explain why she is no longer interesting to you, and what you both can do to help your relationship. Or, “I do not know which job to take”, try a career test.No need to waste money on something you can do yourself.

Myth 4
The spirit guides of the psychic are very wise and compassionate

Sadly, this is not always the case. As with humans, higher ranking beings come in different flavors. Christian, Islamic, and Judaic theology holds the invisible the spiritual realm surrounding earth is actually ruled by a cherubim named Satan who is in open rebellion to the Creator, which is their explanation for our global moral problems. The beings following Satan (known as elves, devas, demons, angels, gods, fairies etc.) are often very nice sounding, just as a lab scientist coaxing rats with cheese would be, but the rats often end up dead because the cheese was soaked in arsenic. Never assume they are benevolent.

Myth 5
Prayer to God (or another deity) is too hard, so I will use a psychic service

Prayer is not too hard, but too easy for many people. Jesus emphasized how it is little children, and people who share a child’s humility who gain God’s ear. If you are not hearing from God, perhaps it is because you are listening to much to yourself, other mortals, and your own ego.

Myth 6
Psychics are all crackpots and their art not really a science (field of knowledge).

This is not true. There really are powerful spiritual beings in the world who influence us for good and evil. Multiple respected scholars affirm this fact.