5 Ways to Shed Off the Holiday Weight

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the holidays is the ability to indulge in wonderful amounts of food. Overeating isn’t your normal routine. So, why worry about just the last two weeks of the years? Unfortunately, the human metabolism does not look at any weeks on the calendar as being different from others. If you overindulged, weight gain may have been the price paid. With the right attitude and commitment, however, getting back in shape after the holiday shouldn’t improve too difficult. Here are five ways to help get rid of that holiday weight.

Cut Out the Sugary Choices

Desserts and sugary selections might be the primary food that gets people into the most weight gain trouble. Pies, cakes, donuts, and all sorts of other desserts can be found in abundance during the holidays. Choosing to eat a lot of these sweet selections could become habit-forming. You definitely do not want these dessert items to be part of your regular daily food choices. They will cause lead to even more weight gain. So, the first course of action to take after the holiday season is to cut out all the refined sugars and rich desserts.

Start Moving

Expenditures of energy lead to calories burning up. If you are sedentary, you won’t target those stored calories that have converted to fat. Only through increasing your activity levels through a decent amount of exercise will you be able to turn fat into fuel and burn it up. The exercise routine you choose does not have to be strenuous. However, consistent commitment to physical activity is necessary in order to see any results.

Engage in Strength Training

Lifting weights at least three days per week could help speed up your metabolism. A faster metabolism can more calories, which means your new lean muscle mass helps get rid of unwanted fat. Focusing on compound exercises as opposed to isolation ones may deliver the best results.

Start Counting Calories

If you eat fewer calories, you will lose weight. Drastic reductions in calories are not recommended, though. Cutting about 500 calories out of a diet per day should yield decent results over time. In order to make sure your calorie restriction is appropriate, keep tabs on how many you eat per day. A completely accurate accounting of calories can be very difficult. Gross estimates might be the best you can do. That said, if you review a number of “calorie encyclopedias,” then you may be able to keep a decent running total of your intake.

Sign Up for Fitness Classes

Local gyms often offer group aerobics, indoor spinning, and weight training classes. These classes frequently target the “after holiday crowd” looking to shed weight. Why not take advantage of these classes since they offer supervised workouts with qualified instructors?