5 Unique Places to Host an Engagement Party

Most couples start mingling the two sides of their family and friends with an engagement party before the wedding. This event is a chance to get to know one another and honor the recent engagement. Rather than sitting through another boring dinner, consider one of these unique places to host your first event together.

Local Pub
Couples who want to have a low key engagement party with friends and family may consider renting the local pub. These spots combine good food with drink so there’s no need to worry about catering. A pub quiz with trivia questions about the happy couple keeps everyone engaged at the event. Plus, you may find a place that is willing to rent out the whole dining area to the party.

Bowling Alley
Bowling has become trendy again. If you and your future spouse want a party that keeps everyone active so there are no awkward lulls in conversation, this may be the spot for you. According to
HuffPost Weddings, some better quality bowling alleys have food, drinks, and nice lounge areas to chat.

If you still prefer something a little more elegant and formal, a winery serves as the perfect backdrop for an engagement dinner. Guests can take a short tour before sitting down to a meal al fresco. Or have everyone participate in a wine tasting of the local available wines.

Ice Skating Rink/Ski Lodge
In the winter, keep guests warm at a ski lodge with an engagement party getaway. Spend the days on ski lessons and the nights around a fireplace with a nice hot totty. Or as Brides Magazine suggests, get a similar winter wonderland feeling at the local ice skating rink. Guests can rent skates and get on the ice for a few turns, and then head to an adjoined party area to warm up with soup, sandwiches, and hot chocolate.

Beach Bonfire Party
When you live on the coastline take advantage of the beach access with a bonfire party. This is a great option if you know that a lot of kids will attend the party. It can also be less expensive than renting out a restaurant. Roast some hotdogs and marshmallows. Let the kids run around or just lay back and listen to the water in the distance.

The engagement party will be the first introduction between the two sides of the family. Encourage mingling with fun activities and keep guests from getting bored at the same time. Any of these spots makes a good choice, and may even fit with a themed wedding.