5 Simple Tips to Get Yourself to Floss Regularly

Flossing is a crucial role in keeping your teeth free from bacteria to prevent diseases and infections from spreading in your gums. Kids, especially, hate anything in relation to personal hygiene. I’ve met many adults, as well, who don’t floss simply because they claim to have bad habits. If you don’t floss, you run the risk of gum disease, like gingivitis and periodontal disease. Before we get to the point of rotting teeth out of pure laziness or forgetfulness, give the suggestions below a decent chance to get into good habits of flossing.

1. Look at pictures of diseased gums. This is sure to get your anxiety levels higher, which will help motivate you to take better care of your teeth. If you’re unable to get your kids to floss, check out Dental Vibe for more options. Even though it’s for kids, it will definitely work for adults, too. Looking at these pictures will scare anyone into flossing. It reminds us that we are no different than anyone else who has teeth. Maybe talk to a friend or relative who has fake teeth and ask them how painful it was to have them pulled out. Once you hear their story, you might just be dedicated to properly cleaning your teeth.

2. WebMD recommends that we get past the excuses and to just do it. We sometimes make excuses not to do something as simple as flossing, because we view flossing as unimportant and tedious. It is far from either one of those things. “I don’t have the time,” and “I don’t know how,” are common excuses. Make the time. Learn to do it the right way. Show your gums some tough love, baby!

3. Make it easy by keeping floss anywhere and everywhere throughout the house. Put some floss in your purse, your car, etc. Put some in your kids backpack, so when they go to get their lunch, they’ll see it and remember to floss. Huffington Post suggests investing in a flossing pick to keep the process simple and quick.

4. In my personal experience, I actually made a small shelf in the bathroom for floss, so it was impossible to forget. Even if I was tired, my alarm would go off at 9pm to remind me to floss. It didn’t matter if I was asleep, or not. I would never forget.

5. Finally: Make oral health care a family activity. The more people to join in and get involved, the better your oral hygiene will be, and on a positive note, you’ll be spending more time together. Killing two birds with one stone! Think of it like family movie night. It’ll give everyone something to anticipate every day, especially if they enjoy something you can do as a family. Make a game out of it; see who can brush or floss the longest. Tell jokes while brushing and see if anyone who can understand you through the mouth movements.