5 Great Ways to Have a Stress-free Moving Experience

Most people have experienced a stressful move at some point during their life. While it is true that moving will always take some effort, most people make it harder than it has to be. There are a few ways to make a move relatively easy and stress-free, and most of them are simple enough for any mover to use.

Start Early

No good comes from procrastination. If you wait until the last minute when you pack, you will never have enough time to do it properly. You’ll be forced to scavenge for boxes, and you won’t have enough time to organize things properly. Starting early avoids the stress of cramming and reduces the risk of accidents.

Use Permanent Labels

It is usually best to write labels directly onto boxes with a permanent marker rather than to use paper labels. An attached label can easily fall off when you are loading or unloading a box, which forces you to crack the boxes open to see what is inside. If you write the label on every side of the box, you can even avoid having to rotate it and search for the label when you unload the truck.

Pack Carefully

You should try to stay as organized as possible when you pack your possessions. Start by making a packing guide for each room to make sure that you do everything as efficiently as possible. When you put your plan into action, you should save space whenever you can. For example, you can use soft towels as padding around fragile items so that you don’t need to use extra packing peanuts.


Moving is a great time to get rid of junk that you do not need anymore. When you are packing, look at each item and decide if your really need it before you put it in a box. If you are not likely to need it, sell it or donate it to charity instead of taking it with you to your new home. This will make the packing process easier and ensure that your new home does not get cluttered too quickly.

Get Help

The easiest way to move is to get a professional moving company to help you out. This is an especially good idea if you need to rent a truck to get extra cargo space, since hiring help tends not to be much more expensive than renting a truck on your own. They can even save money in some cases, since they are less likely to damage expensive and fragile items than most amateurs. A moving company is not necessary for every move, but you should consider it for any that look like they might be difficult.