5 Great Gifts to Give a Retiring Coworker

It’s easy to get attached to the people who you work with each and every day. If one of your beloved coworkers is getting ready to retire, you could be feeling a mix of emotions. You might be happy that your friend and coworker is finally able to retire, but you could be feeling a little bit sad about not working alongside him or her anymore as well. You may also want to show your friend that you care by giving a gift, but you could be wondering what you should give. These are a few great gifts that you can consider giving to a coworker who is retiring.

1. Restaurant Gift Card

Who wants to spend all of their time cooking when they are finally enjoying their retirement? One good way to treat your friend to a great night out and to allow him or her to shirk dinner-making duties is by giving a gift card to a local restaurant. You’ll get bonus points if you give a gift card to a restaurant that your coworker might have mentioned liking in the past. If the two of you are really close, you could also offer to take him or her out for dinner and drinks to celebrate the retirement.

2. Mug

Who can’t use a nice mug to drink their coffee, tea or other favorite hot beverage out of? There are tons of mugs out there that make great gifts for retirees. You can look for one with a funny saying, or you can choose a classier mug. You could even consider having one personalized for your coworker with his or her name, or you could pick out a great travel mug that he or she can take when out and about.

3. Photo Frame or Album

Now that your coworker is retiring, he or she might have big plans of traveling, or he or she might just be planning on spending time with the grandkids. A nice photo frame or album can help give your coworker a place to store photos of these fun memories.

4. Plaque

If your coworker served in the military or had a high position in his or her job, giving a plaque with this information can be a great idea. Then, your coworker can hang it on his or her wall to show the world about the hard work that he or she put in during his or her working life. Plus, your coworker will see that you appreciate all of his or her hard work and effort.

5. Something Related to a Favorite Hobby

If the soon-to-be retiree has a hobby, such as golfing, you can always consider gifting an item related to this hobby. For example, you can give a golf shirt or a set of golf balls to someone who loves golfing.

As you can see, if you are looking for the perfect gift item for your retiring coworker, you have lots of options. These are just five of many gifts that just might fit the bill.