5 Fishing Tips to Know Before Going on a Guided Trip

Guided fishing trips can be a great way to get involved in the sport of fishing with experts who truly know what they are doing. Any area that is near the ocean or that has lakes, rivers or streams will likely have one or more businesses that offer guided fishing trips. Guided fishing trips are also known as charter fishing trips.

But before you make final arrangements for your charter fishing trip, there are some things you should keep in mind. This is especially true if this will be you first time out on the water to fish.

1. Be careful about heading out into deep waters.

Your fishing trip should be an extremely safe experience. If this is a professional charter group you are going on a trip with, they should have all of the necessary safety equipment. But there is another thing to be wary of before you set out into deep waters.

If you have ever gotten seasick, this may not be the best activity for you. If you plan to fish on the Great Lakes or in the ocean, waters can become quite rough at times, and you may get sick while you are out there. Know your limits about how you will on a big fishing trip. You shouldn’t have to worry about this if you are simply going on a river or small lake trip.

2. You may need permits and licenses first.

Check with your charter company before heading out on your trip. Often, on their website or in their brochure, you will see that there are certain permits and licenses you must have before you can go fishing. Sometimes, the charter fishing group will sell these permits directly, but other times, you will have to go through national or state departments to obtain the necessary documents.

3. There are probably some things you’ll want to bring with you.

Aside from permits and licenses that you may need, there are a few things that you should take with you simply for comfort and enjoyment. For example, you may want to bring warm clothes or layer your clothing. Weather on the water is not always predictable. In addition, you should have a pair of sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen if you will be in warm climates. Some fishing charter businesses well offer lunch or snacks, but you may want to bring your own as well

4. Don’t bring kids along unless it’s a special kids trip.

Kids on charter trips might not have a good time. This is often because the trips are too long, but it also could be that if they don’t immediately catch anything, they’ll be bored and disappointed. When you fish, you play the long game.

5. Know your limits.

Finally, remember that if this will be your first time on a fishing charter, you should schedule a short fishing trip with a guide. Scheduling a trip that is 8 hours long may be too much for a first time fisherman.