4 Ways to Incorporate Paper Lanterns into Your Wedding Décor

Every detail of a wedding represents a new opportunity to make the event just a little more special. Even a relatively mundane and simple element, such as lighting, can contribute to the event if you take a little bit of time to make it stand out. Paper lanterns are one of the best tools for doing so. Most people don’t see them very often, so they’re great at getting attention, but people do associate them with celebrations, so they also create a good environment at the wedding.

Illuminating Tents

The easiest way to use a paper lantern is to provide light in a tent if your wedding is taking place after dark. All tents will need some lighting at that point, so using a set of paper lanterns will add some decoration without requiring any extra effort. The lanterns will work best in a relatively tall marquee tent, where guests won’t bump their heads on them, and should be avoided in tighter spaces. To get the best results, coordinate the color of the lanterns with that of the tent. Avoid colors that clash, but do feel free to use them to add a little bit of contrast with a colored tent, or some color to a white tent.

A Colored Border

You can also use paper lanterns to mark the border of your site. This is easiest if there is a fence that can support the lanterns, but it’s possible to raise temporary poles at other locations. Use this method if your location is outdoors and you want to make sure that everyone can find it easily, even if they wander off into the dark.

Hidden Lighting

Paper lanterns can be surprisingly subtle, especially if they are the same color as the surrounding structure. If you need to illuminate an area, but you don’t want to make the light to bright, you can use them to add a muted glow to the room. This can give the room a calm, soothing look, so it’s best to use it in areas where you want the guests to stay relaxed.

Unique Shapes

Most paper lanterns are round, but there are exceptions. It’s possible to find them in a huge variety of shapes and colors. Some providers will even create custom lanterns for special events, such as weddings. If your wedding as a theme, you can use them as decorations to reinforce that theme. Since sources of light tend to draw the eye, it’s a good way to make sure that everyone notices some appropriate decorations as soon as they arrive. They can also add themed decoration while serving a practical purpose, which can help to make sure that the room doesn’t look cluttered with too many decorative features.