4 Important Tools For All Day Fishing Expeditions

Congratulations! You are all set to leave for your all day fishing trip. Perhaps you have been looking forward to this event for months. Not everyone is able to spend a whole day fishing. This day might be a huge treat for you. However, don’t go out the door just yet. There are several things you should take on an all day fishing trip. If you forget these things, your fishing trip might quickly turn into a bust. Take the time to pack the four items below.

First Aid Kit
Safety should be first on every fishing trip. Your first aid kit should be a very generous one. It should include bandages, ointments, needed medications, a cell phone for contacting help, and other items. If not taken care of correctly and quickly, small accidents can quickly become big problems. Be prepared by having a fully stocked first aid kit ready for your fishing trip.

You can’t leave for a fishing trip without a pocketknife. A pocketknife has incredible utility. For starters, it can help supplement the first aid kit mentioned above. For example, a pair of tweezers or pliers on your pocketknife can remove hooks accidentally stuck in your skin. However, the pocketknife is important for the actual fishing too. You will need the pocketknife to cut lines, remove hooks, and scale the fish you catch. Take the time to invest in a quality pocketknife before your big trip. If you select the right one, it will be sure to last you for many fishing trips to come.

Many people mistakenly believe they just need a fishing pole to catch fish. A net is just as important. A quality fishing net will allow your to scoop fish out of the water before they break free from the hook to swim away. Your net should be both durable and lightweight. You will need to probably be able to swing it through the water using only one hand. Invest in a great net for your all day fishing trip to keep those big fish from getting away!

Ice Chest
You will need a quality ice chest for your fishing trip. You will need this for two reasons. First, you will want a place to store the fish you catch. You won’t be able to enjoy the fish later if they rot away in the sun all day. Second, you will want to have some snacks as your fish. An ice chest can keep drinks cold throughout the day. It can also hold any other meat you might want to grill. Remember, you might not catch anything on your big day. If so, grilling up a few steaks might make you feel better!