3 Ways to Properly Protect Your Military Medals

Military medals are deeply meaningful symbols to outstanding personal actions and endeavors in military service. As medals are not freely given out, it is quite the commodity and reward for anyone in receipt of one. As such, properly protecting such a distinguished award is a must. Here, we look at three great ways to protect your military medals.

Protective Display

One of the first things that come to mind for most is the use of a display. A properly designed and built, protective display case is, in fact, a great option. With such a case, physical protection and viewable display combine into one respectable piece.

There are many available choices in protective display cases for medals. Some styles are wall-hung, while others are made for tabletop or even hanging display. Stone, select woods, and metal are often the comprising materials that come to encase a clear viewing window, just over the medals. Essentially, your medals are protected and made viewable by this case and its view window.

Safe, Safety Deposit Box

Like with other kinds of valuables, another more security-based option in proper medal protection is the use of a safe. Today’s safes provide plenty of security when it comes to matters of theft, fire, and even water damage. Plenty of options also exist here: wall safes, hidden safes, free-standing, and even desk drawer units.

Likewise, the safe deposit box is another good choice. The safe deposit box will provide the same security as a safe but with the added protections of now being a responsibility of your chosen financial institution. These methods do not do much in the way of display and visibility purposes, but they will keep medals as protected as practically possibly.

Paper Trail

Finally, the point must be made that administrative actions are just as important with protecting medals as are the chosen methods of their physical storage. Record-keeping is one important part of this. Keep a personal record of your medal as well as photographs documenting the medal in your possession.

Insurance is another way to maintain a certain level of protection over your medal. In addition, it is a very good idea to register the medal with an official medal registration service such as Medals Gone Missing. Such a registration service provides a legally actionable, outside record of your ownership and of the individual medal itself.

These are just three of the more common methods employed in the spirit of medal protection. You can also be creative and create your own completely customized, new way to protect and/or display your medal. The service that brought forth your medal deserves the very best in respect, acknowledgment, and protection. Through this, may the memory of your dedication persevere.