3 Things to Store in Glass Bottles

These days, everyone is trying to do their part to recycle and help the planet, and it’s great. But recycling can be hard when you’re really good at it! When you have to divide every container that you use into separate areas and break down boxes every day, it can be difficult to know where to keep all of this waste material before you bring it to the recycling plant or have it picked up on the curb.

In this way, sometimes it’s actually beneficial to keep some of the things that you would otherwise put into recycling and send off into the the recycling world. This is especially true when some of these recycled materials can make your home look super cute!

One of the things that you should definitely keep for storage and cuteness in your home is glass bottles. We are talking about glass wine bottles most of all, but even pretty colored glass beer bottles or other glass jars can be very useful to your household and look stylish as well. Here are the top three ways that you can reuse glass bottles in your home.

1. Flowers

This one seems like a given, but so many people overlook the fact that they don’t actually need a go-to, special vase for flowers when they have fresh cut varieties inside. Instead, go for a country, vintage look by simply arranging your flowers inside it cleaned out glass bottle. Green glass will look great with any color of flower, but brown glass or even clear or light blue glass can also look excellent. If you want to get really fancy, tie ribbon or string around the base or neck of the bottle as an accent.

2. Rocks, Seashells, Sand or Sea Glass

Have you ever gone to a beach that was special to you? Or have you gone on a vacation where you collected a few seashells, some sea glass or handful of sand? If so, you know that when you get home, you realize you don’t know where to put all of these little treasures. Why not put them inside a glass bottle to display in your home? You can use this bottle with your treasures inside as a centerpiece on your table or put it on your mantle piece next to family photos of your vacation or trip to the beach!

3. Teas, Water and Iced Coffee

Finally, instead of using plastic or other specially made bottles to store cold teas, refreshingly cool water or the iced coffee that you just made this morning, reuse old glass bottles. They are handy and do the trick just as well as any other bottle. You can even buy toppers for them to keep them sealed.