3 Advantages of Having an Insulated Crawlspace

The crawlspace may not function as a living area of your home, but its temperature and resistance to moisture have a large impact on the comfort, energy efficiency and durability of your entire house. If you do not know whether your crawlspace is sufficiently insulated, now is a great time to have a home improvement and insulation expert check it out for you. If your crawlspace does not meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s recommended level of thermal resistance, which is called the r-value, adding enough insulation can provide you with many benefits. Consider these top three advantages of having an insulated crawlspace.

Improved Energy Efficiency
According to the Energy Star website, insulating your crawl space or basement is the second biggest energy saving solution that you can implement in your home. You may find that your air conditioner or furnace does not have to run as frequently in order to keep your home at the desired temperature. By insulating your crawlspace, you could save a significant amount of money on your home’s heating and air conditioning costs. You may also notice that your home is more comfortable. Your floors that are situated above the crawlspace will not be as cold during the winter months of the year because of the insulation.

Prevents Pipes from Freezing
Insulating your crawl space can help to prevent your hot and cold water pipes from freezing, explains the U.S. Department of Energy website. When temperatures drop below freezing, the water in a pipe can freeze. As the water freezes into ice, it expands. The pressure on the pipe from the expansion of the frozen water may cause the pipe to burst. A burst pipe in a crawl space could go undetected for some time, which could lead to significant structural damage and the risk of mold growth. An insulated crawl space considerably reduces the risk of this happening to your home.

Keeps Air Ducts at Room Temperature
In most homes, some air ducts are located in the crawlspace. The heated or conditioned air produced by your furnace, heat pump or central air conditioner travels through those air ducts. Since the insulation in the crawlspace moderates the temperature all year long, the air ducts will also stay at a consistent temperature. This means that in the wintertime, your home will not lose heat through cold air ducts. In the summertime, the cooled air will not be wasted by traveling through hot air ducts. This helps to boost comfort, energy efficiency and the durability of your heating and air conditioning equipment. When the air ducts are at a consistent temperature, the metal will not expand or contract. This decreases the noise of the entire HVAC system.